About NOW

Founded in 2017 by CEO KJ Davis, at age 23. NOW's mission is to inspire others to reach their highest potential by promoting love, a quality persistent work ethic and the power of self awareness.

NOW has many concepts that will be expressed through the brand!

These concepts include:

Stay in the NOW

Both the past and the future are created by the NOW! If we can focus on the NOW, we can control the NOW! Control the NOW, then control your success!

You are your WORK

WORK, in NOW terminology means YOU! Or better yet, the best YOU there is. The way you treat people is your WORK. The way you carry yourself is your WORK. Your personal goals are your WORK. Love your WORK!

Do it NOW

Don't waste time, Do it NOW! Never Off Work believes that procrastination is merely just an illusion. An illusion that doesn't stand a chance against the power of awareness and discipline. First, you have to be aware that procrastination is indeed an illusion. The task you must complete will not be any easier to accomplish in the future, nor will it go away with time. Therefore waiting actually becomes wasting. Once you become aware of this, you must discipline yourself to act on this awareness. 

Get Better, or Get Worse

We all have goals, dreams and things we want to achieve. Whatever those aspirations  may be, we must practice a quality persistent work ethic in order to accomplish these aspirations. Because time never stops, our movement never stops when it comes to our goals. With every moment, we are either moving closer, or farther from what we want to accomplish. Being Never Off Work is easier said then done, but it is achievable!


Never Off Work will continue to strive to motivate people around the world to find their purpose, and attack that purpose relentlessly. This brand was created to empower people and that's exactly what it will do!